Quality. Bespoke. Lifestyle.

MARQUISE (Mar-Key) SARAH is a menswear lifestyle brand that serves the modern luxury consumer. The hallmarks of our brand are bespoke-quality finishes, embroidered details, rich Japanese & European textiles with timeless-inspired prints and patterns.

Our collections, constructed from the finest materials, are the building blocks of a functional wardrobe and seamlessly transition from business to after-five attire.



Everyones favorite, creating a clean,
confident appearance.


Lightweight and airy with a softer feel, the
perfect all purpose fabric.


Mature. Transitional. Quality.
Designed to fit an active lifestyle.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Love the collar, love the fit, love the zipper. There is a lot of great stuff going on with this shirt.
— Mateo
Customer reviews
A very unique and well made shirt.
— Andrew M.
Customer reviews
Excellent Mask!
I bought the regular size and it completely covers my nose to under my chin.
— Akousa A.

Style + Look

Fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it!

Our lookbook of fashionable ideas will help you style our collection to create
looks for any month or season, guaranteed to get you a second glance.